We built Susan Cosentino & Co. out of a desire to serve and support you while you embark on the next phase in life—whether that’s growing your family, shifting your career, or finally reaping the rewards of a lifetime of hard work.

Here, our brand of service is holistic, adaptable, and always tailored to your distinct needs. We develop a nuanced understanding of your wishes and worries, distill what can be an overwhelming process into an approachable journey, work in a way that suits your schedule and style, and shield you from outside noise so you can make informed decisions with clarity and confidence.

Because you’re not just purchasing or selling a home. You’re laying the foundation for your future...and you need partners you can trust to guide you along that path with integrity.

Ours is a process that’s informed and inspired by you.

As a mother-daughter pair, we bring a collaborative, complementary, and intuitive partnership to the home search or selling process—along with the kind of personalized attention and adaptability you won’t always find amongst agencies that work in large teams.

Top Malibu real estate agents who have your back—graciously, without question, and in every way.

Highly effective negotiator, fiercely loyal. Find me running Zuma Beach, hiking in the canyons, or at the office going to bat for my clients.

30+-year Malibu resident and 20-year Malibu real estate agent

DRE# 01315015

Meet Susan Cosentino 

As someone who raised six little ones (who aren’t so little anymore) right here in Malibu, I’m no stranger to multitasking—and I live for variety. After my sixth was born, I found myself in search of a career that combined a daily dose of diversity, genuine relationship-building, the need to strategize and pivot quickly, and the opportunity to share and celebrate the beautiful community I get to call home. Real estate was an immediate and natural fit—and I’ve spent the last two decades working hard to remain a competitive agent in an industry that sees people come and go quite frequently.

Whether raising my family here in Malibu—or, time and time again, beating out multiple competitive offers to secure my clients their dream home—underneath everything I do is an unwavering sense of diligence and loyalty. I’m a natural negotiator and fierce protector who’s driven by the desire to help my clients achieve results, while still upholding the integrity and values I built my business on every step of the journey.

I’ve since had the pleasure of being featured in an array of Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, and L.A. Business Journal articles —but nothing is as gratifying as the joy that comes from helping clients connect with this stunning setting and embark on the next chapter in their lives. I truly feel so honored to play a small role in such a special moment.

When I’m not in the office or exploring real estate in Malibu and beyond, I spend my time volunteering in the Orphan Care Clinic at the California Wildlife Center, joining in on beach cleanups, or serving as a member of the Board of Directors for the Malibu Association of Realtors (a role that ensures I am always up to date and ever informed, allowing me to continually grow in my craft, give back to my community, and be of better service to my clients.).

Thoughtful communicator, strong digital marketer. Find me by the ocean or soaking in the sunset.

Malibu native who loves to travel far and wide but always ends up back home

DRE# 02106122

Meet Tessa Cosentino 

I was born and raised in Malibu alongside my five siblings—and a career in real estate was always in my periphery as I watched my mom build her business while bringing up the six of us. As I got older, I began to accompany her on broker caravans and found myself enamored with interior design and the process of taking in the essence and energy of each home we toured.

A born communicator, I went on to earn my B.A. in English from UCLA and then took time to travel the world—visiting Israel and Greece, teaching abroad in Thailand, and backpacking through Southeast Asia. All the while, the call of the home I so loved—and the ocean I so missed—was in the back of my mind,

and I eventually found myself back in Malibu eager to provide support as my mom’s luxury real estate business grew.

I love being of service, connecting with people from all walks of life, and sharing the natural marvels of Malibu with others—and real estate felt like an incredibly organic fit for those reasons. Today, there are few things I enjoy more than using my organizational acumen, digital communication and marketing skills, and intuitive ability to read situations to help my clients find fulfillment and freedom through the power of a purposeful sale or strategic purchase.

From the undeniable magnitude of the canyons to the quiet, unimposing serenity of the shoreline—we live for that rare brand of balance you’ll find only in this striking setting.

No. 4 | Best of both worlds

Ask us about the best beaches, best schools, and most serene places to catch a quiet sunset.

No. 3 | Secret splendors

Susan’s husband and Tessa’s dad runs a second-generation family nursery in Malibu. It was the constant backdrop to our upbringing and has been in business for over 50 years.

No. 2 | Planting our roots

Runs on Zuma beach fuel each of us every day. Bonus points if we catch whales migrating with their young.

No. 1 | Morning ritual

Like you, we happen to think ours is the coast with the most.

This must be the place.

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